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Mar. 21st, 2014

Jen and DOG

Me and Hugh Laurie

Hugh came for first time to Rio with The Copper Bottom Band.
Unfortunately, I had no money to go to his concert. My friend and I discovered which hotel Hugh would check in. 2 girls (friends of my friend) told us Hugh didn't stop to talk with them. Someone in hotel said to us he was antipathetic with the only 5 fans who waiting for him. Well.... we lost him at hotel, but we had faith about meet him at airport.
So, there we meet him!!!!! I ran to take a photo (like a selfie) with Hugh and I took hold of Hugh's hip!!!! (I didn't feel it much because his coat was bulk, but I grabbed WAIST OF HUGH LAURIE!!!!!!!). Ok, take a photo walking and selfie is VERY difficult and.... because of this I haven't a picture with him ...=/
He was monosyllabic with us and didn't stop to a pic. He wasn't antipathetic, but he didn't strength to seem nice...
Just had my friend and I of Hugh fans there... he could stop 10 seconds to make a pic. But he didn't. And his security was a bit bad with us... I'm very disapointed with Hugh...
But, I had fun with all history!


Expectation: have a decent photo with Hugh Laurie
Reality: several horrific selfies and no proof that we took picture with him.

I'm below the arrow. Believe me. He's VERY tall.

May. 28th, 2012

Hameron and window

(no subject)

THE END!!! House's end. Hameron's end.
It's hard to me.... but I have the memories yet, right!?
So... I put them in this video with this song that I'm addicted!!
My goodbye to the most important shipper of my life, to serie give me great friends and happy and sad moments too...

What you need


Taking off the dust of my Livejournal!!!! LOL
With AMAZING videos that I love from the biggest hameron vidders on youtube!!!

By VictoriNoRisuu:

By AnnEithne (eithnevid):

By Giobazz:

Oct. 2nd, 2011

Jen and DOG

Godbye, my Honey Mel!

My Mel (Honey)
Mel, I'll always love you...

I'm so sadness...
Saturday my guinea pig MEL (honey, in portuguese) died.

She was so important to me... because when my mom died was her who made my life a better (with her happiness and cuteness).

And she suffered a lot... she was cardiac and she was purple until have convulse and stop.

And my other guinea pig Sol (sunny in portuguese) is so depressed...

"But isn't she lovely made from love
Isn't she lovely
Life and love are the same"

Jul. 17th, 2011

Da Vinci Code

House and Cameron | Electric Storm

My last hameron video.
Because we'll always have this moments.
I worked so much in this vid since some months... I hope you like.
Maybe this be my last vid about House, or not.
I don't know... anyway... thanks for be here, my hameron friends!!

BHB - Bring Hameron Back

kisses =*

Jun. 5th, 2011

I'll miss you

How much time...

How much time I don't post here!!!
It's so wrong....

I need to post here my last work with Giobazz and Eithne.
I LOOOOVE job with them.
I hope it happen soon!

A old video I liked to make.
It's a bye-bye to House MD for me...
anyway... it wass good while lasted...


Feb. 27th, 2011

Lilly DATE

Hameron videos

I recover my inspiration!!!
Here, two little videos I did in this weekend!
The quality is not the best, but I try to make my better.
I hope you like! Thanks for watch and don't forget:
Hameron forever!


Oct. 19th, 2010

JMo 2010

Video tribute: JenMo on CHASE

Video tribute to Jennifer Morrison's character - Faith Maples, a paranoic woman with childhood traumas - in new NBC tv serie, CHASE. Jennifer appeared in episode 1x04 - Paranoia.


Song: Brick by Boring Brick
Artist: Paramore

I love Jennifer Morrison and her interpretation is so perfectly AMAZING!!! She deserves all recognize.

I, specially, loved the character because I identify with her - no, I never took a gun, I never shot someone, I never had a imaginary son, ok!? But she stay very time alone and guilty for own mother because an accident. All she needed was someone who SAVE her with LOVE, maybe she wouldn't turn crazy.
House and FLOWERS

Hameron video with Eithne and Giobazz

Oh, God!!! How I forget post it here!?!?
Our BEST video together!!!
Me, Giobazz and Eithne!!
I love to do each part of this video!!
Thanks girls, for be so lovely with me!!!

Aug. 20th, 2010

Lilly heart

Thank you, girls!!

I just wanna thank you to my hameron friends for support with loss my mommy!
Thank you, girls!!!



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